Quality analysis system for arc welding robots. 

Predice la calidad de la soldadura utilizando Inteligencia Artificial. El sistema aprende de las variaciones y provee informacion relevante para perfeccionarlo. 



FPGA platform

FPGA technology improves data acquisition and procesing to achieve real time performance.

Artificial Intelligence

Our propietary AI software learns quickly and predicts faulures during the welding process.

Data Acquisition

Our no-invasive hardware allos data acquisition without the need to modify your current setup.

Real time procesing.

AI algoritms run in an embedded controller at the operations floor, independent of network connection or cloud computing.

Modular architecture

A part of our "Cogni" series, CogniWELD is ready to be scale and interact with other systems.



Instant detenction

Identifies defect as soon as they happen, giving the oportunity to adjust and correct. 

Scrap and waste reduction

Reduce nonconformities and rework.

Non destructive test

You can test 100% of your production as is a non destructive test. 

Process Insights

System also provides machine usability and efficiency (OEE), identifies trends and patterns.

Demo Video


Starting at $35,000 USD